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Comparison Report from Karadeniz Technical University (Turkey)
source:YHLO       The deadline:2017-11-16 10:14:02

Karadeniz Technical University, a public research university established in Trabzon in 1955, in the Black Sea region of Turkey, has recently published a poster about VISION.

The University has completed the evaluation of two different erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) automatic devices (one is VISION) compared to the gold standard Westergren method. The test results show average difference between VISION and Westergren is 2% only. Please contact us for detail report.

How can VISION achieve such excellent performance?

Using primary EDTA tubes, more economic and no additional waste

Real time analysis of ESR by infrared sensor, more accuracy

Tested in closed tubes, ensure biosafety

Result in 20 min

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