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VISION ESR Analyzer Patented in U.S.
source:admin       The deadline:2017-10-25 16:37:43
VISION, the full-automatic erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analyzer, has just been granted the United States Patent by its new and useful invention. The patent number is US009733175B2.

VISION adopts a creative method for automatically ESR analysis by using undiluted blood sample with EDTA vacuum tubes. During testing, VISION collects sample data every 10 seconds for 20 minutes with a dynamic sedimentation curve showing on the computer.

Thus, VISION overcome the defects of complex operating, long detecting time and direct contact with the blood sample of the traditional Westergren manual method while detecting the ESR as well as the problems that some existing blood sedimentation meters measure inaccurately and require a special blood sedimentation tube.

Up to now, VISION analyzers are working in hundreds of laboratories worldwide, offering convenience, accuracy and reliability.

The detailed patent certification is attached below.


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