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YHLO Completed R&D for CLIA Assays for 2019-nCoV

Spring Festival in 2020 is a very ‘quiet’ holiday in China, because most Chinese people are staying at home throughout the holidays till now. Although we are facing an unprecedented outbreak of a new virus 2019-nCoV (2019 Novel Coronavirus), we hold the faith that we can win the battle against it.

With the rapid increase of confirmed 2019-nCov cases, especially in Wuhan City, many doctors and patients were suffered from low throughput and difficulty to collect samples from nucleic acid assays, and many suspected patients are still waiting for confirmation in hospital till now. Clinical doctors really need fast and fully-automated diagnostic tools, which can support large number of screening in hospitals. YHLO decided to contribute immediately.


With the China Speed, it took only 10 days to finish Huoshenshan hospital in Wuhan with 1000 beds capacity to accommodate 2019-nCoV infected patients. With YHLO Speed, we finished R&D of three CLIA reagent kits for 2019-nCoV in less than one month!

When we noticed the virus outbreak in the middle of January (a few days before Chinese New Year), YHLO set up a special force team in R&D to develop three assay kits for detection of 2019-nCoV, i.e. 2019-nCoV Ag/IgG/IgM. Our R&D people sacrificed the whole Chinese New Year holidays and worked in our R&D lab day and night, just to help those in need. They made genetic engineering expression, purification and mass production of virus-specific proteins (antigen, IgG and IgM antibodies) for 2019-nCoV, they made magnetic beads coating and Acridinium Ester labeling for these virus-specific proteins, and finally we completed the R&D today.


With YHLO’s new 2019-nCoV Ag/IgG/IgM CLIA assays, they have obvious advantages:

1. First CLIA Assays
YHLO is the first company to develop three CLIA assays for 2019-nCoV Antigen, IgG Antibody and IgM Antibody respectively, which can satisfy the clinical needs to detect antigen and antibodies for new 2019-nCoV and offer differential diagnosis to doctors. 

2. Stable Raw Materials by YHLO
With strong R&D team in protein engineering and immunoassay, YHLO can achieve stable supply the raw materials for these three CLIA assays by our own R&D.

3. Strong Anti-Interference Ability
YHLO has made initial evaluation of these three assays, and results showed that these assays have strong anti-interference ability to other respiratory pathogens (e.g. legionella Pneumophila, Myplasma Pneumonia, Chlamydia Pneumonia, Q Fever from Rickettsia, Adenovirus, RSV-Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Influenza A, Influenza B, Parainfluenza 1, 2, 3, etc.). 

4. Fast Speed
With iFlash series CLIA analyzers, YHLO can offer comprehensive CLIA solution up to 1200 T/H (iModules) for detection of 2019-nCoV. 

YHLO will continue to perform full clinical evaluation of new assays in hospital for registration. As a company’s social responsibility, we don’t hesitate to do anything to contribute the human health. YHLO’s vision is to be a reliable and respected IVD enterprise, and we will continue our efforts toward this aim.

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