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Promoting the Development of Rheumatology and Immunology in General Hospitals
Recently, a symposium on the development of rheumatology and immunology were held in Beijing. Experts and representatives conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development of rheumatology and immunology in China, and the needs of patients for diagnosis and treatment, and made suggestions for the future development.

At the symposium, Professor Zeng Xiaofeng, chairman of the Rheumatology Branch of Chinese Medical Association and director of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, bluntly said, "With the improvement of people's health awareness and advances in diagnosis and treatment technology, the rate of rheumatism patients has been increasing in recent years. Although the situation of ‘lack of medicine’ has improved, the problem of ‘lack of specialists’ is still the biggest dilemma facing the rheumatism."

According to the data, there are about 200 million patients with rheumatic diseases in China, which is a very large population. However, there are only 6,000 rheumatology immunologists. In addition to the lack of specialists, the quantity of rheumatology and immunology department is far enough too. Among 2,427 Chinese tertiary hospitals, there are only 770 independent rheumatology and immunology departments, less than 1/3. In Zeng Xiaofeng's view, patients with rheumatism can only get early diagnosis and treatment, and standardized treatment, the disease can be alleviated, and the disability rate can be minimized.

In order to promote the construction and development of the rheumatology and immunology department of the general hospital and improve the ability of diagnosis and treatment, the State Health and Health Commission has formulated the relevant guidelines and basis standards. Zeng Xiaofeng said: "In the future, we will set up independent departments in 1657 tertiary hospitals, train more than 10,000 specialists, and strive to have at least one specialist in the secondary hospitals so that patients can get treatment more conveniently.

As the leading brand of autoimmunity in China, YHLO has the first product share in the detection of autoimmune diseases in the hospitals. With unique advantages and international advanced level, YHLO has the responsibility and obligation to participate in the development of rheumatology and immunology. 

YHLO’s immunoblot series realize one-step detection from sample loading to output, and detect 17 items at one time, covering a variety of autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome, primary biliary cirrhosis, systemic sclerosis etc., meeting the requirements of screening, identification, and auxiliary diagnosis. YHLO also has three parameters for vasculitis, combined with chemiluminescence vasculitis test reagents, providing qualitative and quantitative detection, diagnosis and monitoring. Besides, YHLO has developed a joint detection of six parameters of autoimmune liver disease to effectively avoid misdiagnosis or the missed.

YHLO’s iFlash Chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer series help deal with the increasing samples in the laboratories. with high-throughput, fast-speed, multiple-parameters, iFlash series greatly improve the efficiency of laboratory work, and it has also helped many national first-class rheumatic immune disease laboratories to upgrade from the earlier traditional ELISA method to chemiluminescence methodology, which greatly improved the stability of the test results and shortened the turn-around-time. For example, instead of early parameters Anti-Cardiolipin and Anti-β2-Glycoprotein I, YHLO upgrades the test panel to Cardiolipin IgM/ IgG/ IgA and β2-Glycoprotein I IgM/ IgG/ IgA, providing a more accurate and reliable test result for clinical.

Keeping our national dream in mind, YHLO looks to be one of the world’s most reliable IVD enterprises, continuing its efforts for industrial revitalization, striving to improve health and well-being around the world.

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